A big thank you to all who helped save us!

Moms of Princeton and Area H respond to referendum results

Dear Editor

We just want to say  “THANK YOU” to the “UNSUNG HEROES” who worked so hard in the recent referendum. Thank-you so much for your valuable work and input during this very important decision making time for our area.  Many of you worked so hard behind the scenes and don’t always get recognized the way you should.  Without your “great expertise,” those supposed experienced, qualified people such as the architects, consultants, engineers, recreation staff, RDOS staff, town staff and community and area volunteers might have led us “disastrously astray” with their months and months of incorrect calculations and assumptions.  So, whether a non-resident owner invites you to a victory celebration at his/her aquatic centre hot tub or just gathering together at home celebrating your victories, here’s a toast from US to YOU.

YOU will always be in our thoughts as we drive our families on cold, dark winter roads on our way to the Merritt or Penticton aquatic facilities for fun, exercise or therapy.  We are so “thankful” that you have saved us the extra tax so that we can afford to do this.  We can only hope that you will be around in 15-20 years to protect us the next time someone tries to conduct another aquatic centre referendum.  Better yet, maybe you could coordinate the next referendum and show those so called experts and volunteers just how far out and misguided they really were.  Unfortunately, there will be those who will soon forget all your accomplishment, but be assured that there are many of us who will NEVER forget all you have done for us.

Thanks for “SAVING US”

Moms of Princeton and Area H