86-year-old poem still has meaning today

This poem was printed in Nakusp’s Arrow Lakes Times in 1926, but still has a contemporary view.

This poem was printed in Nakusp’s Arrow Lakes Times on 26 March, 1926.

Seems like a fairly contemporary point of view, even though it’s 86 years old!

Community Alphabet

A stands for  anywhere this may be seen.

B stands for Booster, you get what I mean?

C is the community we all love so well.

D is for discord we all seek to quell.

E stands for Everyone, true to his trust:

F is our future – to prosper or bust.

G is Goodwill that our city holds out.

H is for Homes, ours are good without doubt,

I is Industries – we want more and more;

J stands for “Jack” that they bring us galore.

K stands for Knockers, with them there’s no livin’,

L help to spell what they ought to be given.

M stands for Merchants who hold out some fine buys,

N is this Newspaper where they advertise:

O stands for Optimist – thanks for the rhyme;

P – yes, that’s Pessimist – you guessed it that time.

Q stands for Quibble – alas, some do o’er improvements,

R is the right way to put thru good movements.

S stands for Service we all owe to our town.

T – Trade at Home – you can’t keep a good poet down.

U stands for Unity in public concerns.

V is the Victory that Unity earns.

W is Welcome and that don’t mean maybe;

X means we’re stuck, no matter what the delay be.

Y is You. Pep up. Never say that you won’t :

Z is the Zero you’ll count if you don’t.

Jon Bartlett