Unlucky day - really safe car

Unlucky day – really safe car

Princeton RCMP report near miss for Langley couple

There are people who swear one of the safest cars on the road is a Subaru.

A Langley couple that walked away from a 40-foot plunge down an embankment on Friday the 13th must be among that number.

“That could be a commercial,” said RCMP Sergeant Barry Kennedy. The accident occurred around noon on Highway 3 just east of Manning Park.

“A husband and wife were eastbound, there was snow on the roadway and they rounded a corner and the car went sideways off the road and over the embankment,” he said.

“The driver was pinned in the vehicle but the passenger managed to get out, climb up the bank and flag someone down to call for help.”

Both occupants of the car are in their sixties.

Kennedy said they suffered only minor cuts and scrapes and did not need to go to hospital.

“Seatbelts were a contributing factor for lack their lack of injuries,” said Kennedy.