Town taps emergency funds to repair museum roof

Town taps emergency funds to repair museum roof

The municipality is tapping emergency funds to repair the roof of the Princeton museum.

Council was informed Monday night of the move, in a report from staff.

The museum building is owned by the town.

The repairs will cost $33,975, and the RDOS has agreed to pay half the cost.

All Purpose Roofing, a local firm, will make the repairs.

The museum has been closed for six weeks, following damage to the building after a heavy rainfall.

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At the time museum president Kim Maynard said no artifacts were harmed.

“As far as archives or any displays there is no damage,” he told The Spotlight. “There is no damage to any museum property. It’s just the building.”

The report to council was presented by infrastructure director Jamie Umpleby.

“In late August after some heavy rains a leak in the museum roof was discovered. The leak was as a result of a failure in the museum roofing,wherein a large crack was observed. The roof was temporarily repaired by public works staff and All Purpose Roofing was requested to provide an assessment of the roof and the necessary repairs. While the contractor was inspecting the roof another rainfall event occurred and additional leaks were observed and temporarily repaired by the contractor. The leaks in the roof also resulted in some damage to the interior walls and flooring of the building.”

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