The Town of Princeton launches Zoning Bylaw review project

Mayor Armitage encourages the community to participate in the open house on Jan. 28, 2013.

Last reviewed comprehensively in 1994, Princeton’s Zoning Bylaw is now being updated into a user friendly Bylaw that incorporates best practices; addresses known issues; and better reflects the Town’s Official Community Plan (OCP), which seeks to “[promote] healthy and active living for all ages.”

Council has identified the review of the Zoning Bylaw as a priority for 2013.  Funding has been included in the 2012/2013 budget to complete this review and Urban Systems Ltd. has been hired to lead this planning project.  A Provincial grant from the Ministry of Health in the amount of $20,000 will also assist the Town with incorporating age-friendly zoning land use regulations.

A leader in planning and consultation, Urban Systems has developed particular expertise in reviewing Zoning Bylaws.  The consulting team has successfully led similar planning projects in communities throughout B.C. and western Canada, including developing new Zoning Bylaws for Lake Country, Merritt, Princeton, Keremeos, Oliver and Kamloops – to name a few.

The Zoning Bylaw is the primary regulatory tool for the implementation of the Town’s OCP, as well as other policies, which impact the use and development of property.

Mayor Armitage is very pleased that we are moving forward with a new Zoning Bylaw and encourages the community to participate in the open house on Jan. 28, 2013.

A Zoning Bylaw regulates the:

Use and density of development on residential, commercial, institutional and industrial lands, and in buildings

Siting, size, and dimensions of buildings and uses

The location of uses on land, and within buildings

Parking and amenity space requirements

The purpose of a Zoning Bylaw is to:

Implement the policies of the OCP. Maintain order, efficiency  and  harmony  of land uses

Prevent overcrowding of land

Protect the environment

Protect property values

The Zoning Bylaw Review Process:

While there are numerous steps in this planning process, they can generally be summarized in 4 key phases:

Phase 1 – Issue Identification/Technical Review

Phase 2 – Community Engagement (Open House – January 28, 2013)

Phase 3 – Bylaw Preparation

Phase 4 – Approval

The Town of Princeton looks forward to your participation in the review of our community’s Zoning Bylaw beginning with an evening Open House to be held at the Princeton and District Community Skills Centre (206 Vermilion Avenue) on Jan. 28, 2013 from 7 to 9 p.m. (Drop-in format)

The adoption of the new Zoning Bylaw should be completed before the end of summer 2013, pending Council’s approval.