Special council meeting gets heated

ATVers and council members spar over committee, bylaw

A special meeting of town council to adopt the terms of reference for the promised trail use committee turned into a heated exchange this morning between councillors and members of the ATV community.

“You don’t get anywhere with raised voices,” said Mayor Frank Armitage, at the meeting’s end.

Council adopted the terms of reference, and will advertise for members of the public to sit on the committee.

The committee will consist of the mayor or his designate, two councillors, four community members from Princeton and three community members from the regional district’s Area H.

Area H director Bob Coyne is also invited to sit on the committee.

The committee terms of reference was the only item on the meeting agenda, but the discussion quickly devolved to a debate about bylaw 925, which will enforce the four year old motorized vehicle ban on the KVR.

About 15 people crowded into the small boardroom at town hall.

“There is not a hold on the bylaw,” said Armitage. “The bylaw will go through.”

ATV enthusiast Tom Guerster accused council of “ramming this down our throats.”

Osprey Lake resident Rob Miller said he’s “suspicious” of the committee and council’s goals.

“You could select people who are leaning towards your own agenda,” said Miller. “I’m not saying it’s going to happen but it’s a possibility.”


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