Some people are too stupid to steal

Some people are too stupid to steal

Thief takes off with car that has no steering

Some people are just too stupid to steal.

RCMP uncovered a case of vehicle theft while following up on a report of a truck overturned in the water by Summer’s Creek Road last Friday, according to RCMP Sergeant Barry Kennedy.

An off-road rally truck was discovered abandoned, and without license plates, at the 16 km marker.

“They did notice that the vehicle had been driven erratically as per the drift marks on the gravel road.”

During a search of the area police noticed the garage doors on a residence near the 26 km marker were open.

When the owner was contacted, he confirmed the truck in the creek belonged to him, and it had been in the garage and under repair. It had a broken steering mechanism, said Kennedy.

“They managed to drive it for ten kilometers before the steering gave way.”