Snow will NOT interfere with Remembrance Day

Snow will NOT interfere with Remembrance Day

Don’t forget to join Legion members for lunch after tomorrow’s service

Veterans’ Square doesn’t normally look so…white…for Remembrance Day.

But snow on the ground will not interfere with November 11 ceremonies tomorrow, according to Legion President Doreen Poulsen.

“We are going ahead with the parade no matter what,” she said. “I think it will be fine as far as getting around the sidewalks.”

She said town crews have been “on the ball. They’ve carted off all the snow.”

Poulsen, who has attended eight Remembrance Days in Princeton, acknowledged she’s never seen the cenotaph covered in snow for the service.

“It’s been cold, and we’ve had rain, but it’s never been like this.”

Most Legion members are also hard pressed to recall winter coming so early. “Of course this was a topic of conversation yesterday at The Legion…most people couldn’t remember anything like it.”

According to Environment Canada the last time Princeton faced significant snow on November 11 was in 1995 when there was 43 centimeters of accumulation.

The parade begins on Vermilion Avenue at 10:45 am. Following the 11 am service a free community lunch is being held at the Legion.

Princeton historically, and per capita, has one of the highest attendances at Remembrance Day of any community in BC.