Small group cleans up Princeton for Earth Day

A small, yet energetic group of residents participated in the Community Clean Up event in celebration of Earth Day.



Paul Gabriel, Judy Short, Jeannie Walker, Charlotte Sellers, Ally Myers and Councillor Doug Pateman joined organizer Johanna Nott for the Community Clean Up held this past Sunday.

The group donned vests and gloves, armed themselves with garbage bags and set out to clean up various areas of Princeton.

Kelley Cook and Vic Sagorski joined in the event, but concentrated their efforts on cleaning up water bodies in the  area.

“It was an awesome job for just that many people,” said Nott, “I really appreciate all those who came out.”

At the end of the four hour event, the Town of Princeton truck was filled with garbage, cardboard and all sorts of debris the group had collected. Beside the truck were numerous propane tanks, an old stove and other metal paraphernalia.

Participants were treated to lunch at Two Rivers Park compliments of The Vermilion Trail Society (VTS) and Cooper’s Foods. VTS vice president, Ernie (Sam) Rice and director George Coey hosted the lunch on behalf of the society.

Nott also offers her thanks and appreciation to; Mayor Frank Armitage, Jenny Pateman, Jackie from Auto Tac Graphics, Rob at Cooper’s Foods, Lyle Thomas, Nadine McEwen,The Town of Princeton, and to the Town Crew (the picnic table fairies) for their participation and/or support.

“There are numerous people who pick up trash during their daily walks,” said Nott, “I’d like to thank them too.”

As part of the Earth Day celebration planning, Nott issued a challenge to the schools in the community to participate in cleaning up for Earth Day.

On Monday, John Allison and Vermilion Forks Elementary Schools traveled to various streets and parks in the community and cleaned up.

Bob Wicks and members of Princeton Ground Search and Rescue plan to clean up along Highway 5A up past Sunflower Downs. (Were unavailable on Sunday, but still wish to participate.)