Scammer targets Princeton Christmas hamper campaign

Scammer targets Princeton Christmas hamper campaign

If you get a call…phone police

Princeton businesses are being warned against a scam artist attempting to collect money for the community’s Christmas hamper campaign.

At least seven businesses have been contacted by someone claiming to work for the group in the past two days, according to program volunteer Heather King.

“We were informed that someone was making phone calls on behalf of us and also the food bank actually, soliciting money to go towards Christmas hampers and Christmas dinners,” said King.

“The person making the calls was looking for donations towards Christmas hampers or dinners and said that a $50 donation would buy either one for a family in need.”

Businesses were asked to donate in cash.

The RCMP have been contacted, and there is an open investigation into the calls.

“If anyone has been contacted today, please call the RCMP to add it to the file,” said King.

So far, no one has been taken in by the fraudster.

“It’s disheartening to think that someone would attempt even to take advantage of our local businesses like that, especially when they have been so generous to us.”

The Christmas hamper program will help 140 Princeton families this year to have a brighter holiday.

King stressed the hamper campaign never solicits for money over the phone.

If you receive a suspicious call contact RCMP at 250-295-6911.