Repairs underway for Old Hedley Road

Mayor Armitage announces repairs to Old Hedley Road have begun.

During the regular meeting of Council held Tuesday, May 20, Mayor Frank Armitage was pleased to announce that repairs to the Old Hedley Road were underway.

“Thanks to Kevin Huey and Rick Zerr for their diligence and hard work researching and organizing—a cost sharing agreement was struck with Princeton Weyerhaeuser and Princeton Co-Gen and the work has commenced,”  explained the mayor.

Chamber of Commerce president, Brenda Crawford presented council with a Year in Review of chamber activities. Councillor Pateman, liason to the chamber commented, “The chamber is going great guns. There are more memberships and more presentations happening, ­they are doing a great job.”

Council approved unanimously,  the  Princeton Show N Shine formal request to use four blocks of Bridge Street and Veterans Square, as well as power for their annual event, to be held on July 5 of this year.

Council also granted the request to have June 7 proclaimed as Access Awareness Day.  Mayor Armitage signed the official proclamation which states, “Access Awareness Day – Saturday, June 7, 2014 in Princeton British Columbia, a day of individual and group action to promote positive ways of building accessibility together to create accessible and inclusive communities for all of our citizens.”