John Moody

John Moody

Repairs to start on Prinecton’s iconic Brown Bridge

Traffic will be rerouted for nearly three weeks

For several weeks The Spotlight has fielded complaints about the condition of the Brown Bridge over the Tulameen River. Work on the bridge begins next week.

While the pedestrian sidewalk will remain open during construction the bridge will be closed to traffic from October 2 to 20, and vehicles will be re-routed to Highway 5A via Old Hedley Road.

Repairs will include replacing the decking, which has shown signs of wear for some time. The Brown Bridge – felt by many to be a historical fixture in Princeton – is one of the few wooden bridges still used in the province.

In a recent interview CAO Rick Zerr said the repairs will likely cost $30,000.

The bridge was originally scheduled for repairs in July but that work was postponed when the Princeton wildfire broke out as it would have meant closing an exit route for the community.