RCMP lay murder charges in death of Princeton woman

The RCMP have laid a charge of first degree murder against Roger Badour, 63 yrs old, who was arrested on November 8th, 2011 in Penticton.

  • Nov. 16, 2011 6:00 a.m.


Update-RCMP lay murder charge in Princeton woman’s death against wanted man arrested during unrelated traffic stop


The RCMP have laid a charge of first degree murder against Roger Badour, 63 yrs old, who was arrested on November 8th, 2011 in Penticton, initially on the strength of an outstanding Canada wide warrant. Further information and investigation revealed evidence linking Badour to the homicide death of 56 yr old Gisele DUCKHAM which occurred on November 8th, at her residence on Ospray Lake Rd Princeton, BC.



On November 8th Roger Badour was stopped for a traffic violation by a general duty officer, in the 100 block of Main St in downtown Penticton, at around 10:50 pm last Wednesday.  Badour obstructed the officer by providing a false name which led the constable to investigate further, in order to establish Badour’s real identity. As a result of the stop, the officer also searched the vehicle and located three (3) firearms that were seized, two of which were found loaded.

A small amount of marijuana was also seized. Badour eventually provided his correct name which revealed that Badour had an outstanding Canada wide warrant for the suspension of a long term supervision order, which advised  police agencies to arrest and detain Badour if located.  Mr. Badour was then transported and lodged into cells at the Penticton Detachment.


As previously reported, and based on the investigations findings, during the Penticton RCMP officers contact with Mr Badour, the Princeton RCMP attended the residence of Gisele Duckham in the 2000 block of Ospray Lake Rd on November 8th  to check on her well being.  Officers at that time found Ms. Duckham deceased inside her residence. The autopsy examination later confirmed that Duckham died as a result of gunshot wounds.


“This is an example of the diligent day to day efforts of RCMP officers in carrying out their normal duties that lead to the solving of other crimes that may have gone undetected or unsolved had it not been for their diligence. In this case, the actions of the officer making the traffic stop and the attention paid to Mr Badour by the lodging officer certainly contributed to the results of the investigation into Gisele Duckham’s death” Stated Cpl Dan Moskaluk.



Roger Badour appeared in court today November 16th, in the Lower Mainland and remains in custody in regards to charge of first degree murder in relation to the homicide death of Gisele Duckham.  Badour is set to make a further court appearance on November 23rd in regards to this matter.

Cpl Moskaluk will be available for media at the Penticton Detachment today between 3:00 and 4 pm.  Cpl Moskaluk is currently traveling from Nelson to Penticton and is in and out of cell range at this time.

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