Put an end to political rhetoric and hostility in our community

Put an end to political rhetoric and hostility in our community

With the 2018 municipal election heralding unprecedented change for the Town of Princeton, the question on everybody’s mind is: What’s next?

What will happen to the pool proposal?

When will the trail re-open?

What projects previously in the works may be shelved, and what new priorities will be set by a fresh mayor and council?

The voters have done their part – and they did it in great numbers. These questions will be answered around the council table in the weeks and months to come.

Still – the electorate will continue to play a role.

The entire community has an opportunity to push forward for success for Princeton, regardless of where the votes fell this weekend.

Put another way, it is time to lay aside differences.

Our neighbours to the south provide a cautionary tale.

We have seen what happens when political rhetoric and hostility continue past election day. It creates a toxic, unhealthy environment where little progress can be made on any front.

One is reminded of dusty Confederate generals, sitting in decaying antebellum homes, fingering useless script and fighting the Civil War over, and over, and over again.

No. We don’t have to join hands and sing Kumbaya.

But we do need to be nice. And everyone should resist the temptation to continue debating the issues that were key to deciding Saturday’s vote.

To put this into practice it is necessary to respect the many accomplishments of the exiting council.

Those who voted so overwhelming for change need to be as gracious in victory as outgoing Mayor Frank Armitage was in defeat, when he left town hall Saturday night to visit Spencer Coyne at the Brown Bridge Pub, and offer his congratulations.

It is also necessary to give new leadership its head, and respect the voice of the people.

The run up to this much-anticipated election wasn’t exactly a war, but there sure was a lot of fighting.

Let’s stop looking back right now. Let’s start looking forward.

– The Similkameen Spotlight

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