Morgan Whelpton

Morgan Whelpton

Princeton Youth Ambassadors chosen for 2013

2012 Ambassadors Megan Pateman and Taylor Gibb presented the 2013 Princeton Youth Ambassadors with their banners and crowns.

The Princeton Youth Ambassadors for 2013 were chosen at the coronation ceremony held at the Riverside Centre on Friday, June 28.

The evening was emceed by 2011 Ambassador, Miss Taylor Robillard.

MLA Jackie Tegart came to Princeton to participate in the Rotary Parade and to extend her congratulations to this years candidates. She began by stating, “What poise, elegance and handsomeness.” Tegart then went on to say what an excellent program Youth Ambassadors was and that, “programs to teach youth to be leaders were priceless—offering incredible opportunities.”

Mayor Frank Armitage extended a welcome to all visiting royalty and a special welcome to visitors from Tonasket, Princeton’s sister city—Mayor Patrick Plumb and his family. To the candidates he extended his pride in them. “This town could not be more proud of you, said Mayor Armitage, “You have risen to the challenge without question—you are fine young citizens.”

Visiting royalty from Boston Bar, Vernon, Summerland, Lytton, Osoyoos, Oliver and New Westminster were introduced and each extended an invitation to visit their communities. Bree Lindley, Princeton’s Rodeo Queen extended a warm welcome to all.

The BC Ambassador Team;  Acacia Schmietenknop and Mariah Morris, (Carley Henniger unable to attend) offered their congratulations to all the candidates, spoke of the BC Ambassador program and offered their appreciation to Megan Pateman and Taylor Gibb for their participation and a job well done as Princeton’s 2012 Ambassadors.

After many thank you’s were extended and farewell speeches given, amidst smiles tears and laughter, the awards for 2013 were given.

Sandi Lawlor, Distinguished Toastmaster, presented each of this years candidates and the 2012 Ambassadors with their Speechcraft Program Certificates.  Lawlor said, “They were fantastic students who excelled beautifully.” The most improved speaker was awarded to Morgan Whelpton.

Most improved in the program was a tie with Jeannine McIntosh and Morgan Whelpton receiving the award.

The Best Formal Attire Award was a tie again, presented to Zach Jwaszko and Carmen Brodie.

The Princeton Knowledge Exam Award was presented to Destiny Earle.

The Talent Award was given to three of the candidates; Layne Robillard, Carmen Brodie and Destiny Earle.

The Fashion Show Award was presented to Carmen Brodie.

The Speech Award and the People’s Choice Awards were awarded to Destiny Earle. The People’s Choice Jars raised over $1000. Earle’s jar contained $344., which she requested be given to the Ambassador program.

Performing their final duties as outgoing royalty, 2012 Ambassadors Megan Pateman and Taylor Gibb presented the 2013 Princeton Youth Ambassadors with their banners and crowns.

Miss Morgan Whelpton is crowned Princeton Friendship Ambassador.

As a result of a tie win, the Princeton Youth Ambassadors for 2013 are; Miss Destiny Earle and Miss Carmen Brodie.