The Princeton Youth Ambassadors for 2011 are; Ambassador Roya Massoudi

The Princeton Youth Ambassadors for 2011 are; Ambassador Roya Massoudi

Princeton Youth Ambassadors chosen for 2011

Three very excited young ladies have been chosen to represent the community as Princeton's Youth Ambassadors of 2011.

Amid smiles, laughter and a few tears, the outgoing 2010 Ambassadors; Ambassador Taylor Kostiuk, Vice Ambassador Katelin Marshall and Friendship Ambassador Jordyn Senger, passed on their banners and crowns to the newly chosen Princeton Youth Ambassadors of 2011 during Coronation evening, Friday, July 1.

Year 2009 Ambassador Alyssa Larsen emceed the evening with assistance from former ambassador candidate and young gentleman, Mr. Bobby Gibb.

Many messages of thanks were extended throughout the evening, to all those who have taken part in and have given assistance to the Ambassador Program.

Mayor Randy McLean expressed his thanks to the 2010 Ambassador team stating, “every public event I attended, these girls were right along with me.” “These girls have more than fulfilled their duties as representatives of the Town of Princeton.”

Mayor McLean added thank you’s to Kim Macahonic, former co-ordinator for the program and a special thank you to Lori Thomas for her years of dedication as co-ordinator, to which she received a standing ovation.

Lori Thomas extended her thanks to the judges; Jason Earle, Marg Eyre, Gail Madill and Donna Wilson, for their hard work and dedication. To the 2010 Ambassador team she gave her thanks for their assistance throughout this years program and stated, ” you are all excellent Ambassadors, you represented with grace and class—thank you.”

BC Youth Ambassador, Andrea Threatful extended her congratulations to all the candidates and the visiting Royalty from Vernon, Osoyoos, and Lytton all gave congratulations and extended invitations to visit each of their communities.

After the reigning 2010 Ambassador team gave their farewell speeches, the following Ambassador awards were presented;

Talent: Roya Massoudi, Princeton Exam: Taylor Robillard, Formal Gown/Fashion Show; Kelsey Crawford, Participation: Jessie Badger, Public Speaking: Roya Massoudi, Judges Interview: a tie with Katie Lamoureux and Taylor Robillard, and the Most Improved Award was received by Felicia Northway, Kelsey Crawford and Michelle Freeman.

The Princeton Youth Ambassadors for 2011 are;

Ambassador Roya Massoudi, (sponsored by Princeton Rotary) Vice Ambassador Taylor Robillard (sponsored by Princeton Weyerhaeuser) and Friendship Ambassador Felicia Northway. (sponsored by Copper Mountain Mine)