Princeton's WorkZone will be closing down on March 30.

Princeton's WorkZone will be closing down on March 30.

Princeton WorkZone set to shut down

Princeton residents seeking employment will be helped by another agency staring in April.

Princeton’s WorkZone office will be shut down on March 30, making way for a new company to help people find work.

In the spring of 2011 a request for proposals was published by the Ministry of Social Development to establish who would be delivering services for the new program that would begin in 2012.

VerTek Diversified Services, the operator of WorkZone, chose not to submit a proposal.

Clients won’t see any gaps in service, said WorkZone assistant manager Christa Thompson.

“Clients who are currently receiving assistance at WorkZone will have their files transferred to the new provider, if they have authorized this in writing,” she said.

Three staff members will be directly impacted by the closure, and have known about the decision since May.

WorkZone has operated in Princeton since 2005, and over 34,000 people used the service.

A total of 843 people have worked one-on-one with WorkZone staff to develop a plan to secure sustainable employment, and in that time 658 found employment.

“Since we only record a successful employment result if we are able to actually contact the employed individual directly, we know that the number of successful employment results is higher,” Thompson said.