Signs like this one in downtown Princeton confuse tourists

Signs like this one in downtown Princeton confuse tourists

Princeton signs to be improved after Penticton rated as traveller’s paradise

A consulting company recommends changes to Princeton's cluttered and confusing signs to draw tourists heading to Penticton off the highway.

Penticton has been rated one of the Top 10 travel destinations for 2012 by Facebook users, leading businesses in Princeton hoping to benefit from the bustling tourist season.

But signs drawing tourists to Princeton from the highway are cluttered and confusing, a consulting firm said in a report to town council.

“It’s important we get tourists off the beaten track into the downtown core,” said Princeton’s chief administrative officer Patrick Robins.

“We want to make the branding of Princeton consistent for tourists and locals.”

The firm found eight “very different” entrance signs that  are inconsistent in terms of condition and message.

While one sign says “Welcome to Princeton,” others say “Princeton Gateway” and “Discover Princeton.”

The eight signs – which are too many for a small town – should be replaced with four signs that properly brand Princeton as a community, the report said.

The firm also recommended making sure hanging baskets don’t obstruct the view of street signs.

Signs leading to Princeton’s amenities, such as the arena and the Riverside Centre, need to be improved if they are in place at all, the report said.

“The main entrance sign for the airport is quite clearly a neglected, modified older federal government issued sign that does not portray a sense of pride to visitors,” the report added.

Taking down event signs as soon as possible is also important so signs don’t become cluttered and confusing.

Over 200 million travel-related comments were analyzed through Facebook’s friend graph, creating a list of top destinations including Laos, Spain, South Carolina, Columbia and Bolivia, the Huffington Post reported.

Penticton – the only Canadian city on the list – was rated among the top destination because of its “beautiful beaches, a burgeoning wine industry and outdoor activities galore,” the article pointed out.