Princeton man reacts emotionally to jail sentence

Princeton man reacts emotionally to jail sentence

A Princeton man doubled over in disbelief in circuit court this month when he was sentenced to 64 days in prison.

“You mean I am going to jail for two months?” asked Cole Aiken.

He turned to Judge Greg Koturbash. “Oh man, please. I’m going to lose my job, my house, my family.”

Aiken, who has handcuffed, was quickly taken from the prisoner’s box by the sherrif who told him: “It’s over.”

Coleman, 21, was arrested by RCMP for failing to report to his probation officer.

He was sentenced to 90 days house arrest in July, by Kortubash, after pleading to several probation breaches including spending time with a young female whom he was ordered by the court to have no contact.

Those probation conditions stemmed from an earlier case when the young woman was assaulted.

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Crown attorney Andrew Vandersluys recommended house arrest at the time “because I would like to see him continue to work…otherwise I would be seeking a jail sentence.”

Aiken is employed by Princeton Wood Preserves, and rents a house on that company’s property.

Defense counsel Kate Lundman suggested that “we give him some more time in Princeton. His work is what keeps him grounded.

But Koturbash made quick work of the sentence.

Aiken had been warned, in July, that if he breached his conditions the balance of his sentence would be served behind bars.

“I make it pretty clear when I’m imposing conditions that that’s what I’m going to do,” he said.

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