Princeton Lions Club closes doors

Princeton Lions Club is calling it quits as of June 30, 2014.

  • Jun. 26, 2014 6:00 p.m.

It is with regret that I announce the Princeton Lions Club is calling it quits as of June 30, 2014. For 42 Years, our motto has been “We Serve” but with membership down to 7 “active” members we are just not able to accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves. We have tried repeatedly to encourage new members to join us, but in today’s world of cable TV, satellite dishes, computers, video games and organized sports, people are no longer looking for ways to fill their long winter evenings. Volunteerism has gone the way of the Dodo.

Many of our remaining members are people well past retirement age who have health issues that require a lot of time on the road between Princeton and Penticton, Kelowna, Vancouver etc. Three of the remaining active members are leaving the area to move to places with better health care. Unfortunately, in the past few years, we have lost some members who have passed on. We just cannot continue with those few members that we have left.

Our programs, projects, supplies and equipment have been dispersed locally to other service clubs and charities. It is our understanding that Princeton will still look forward to such things as Pancake Breakfast, Duck Race, Grey Cup Pool etc, as these have been taken over by other organizations along with our equipment. The club would like to take this time to extend their thanks the community and the business community for the support over the years ~ It has been great. The Lions will fulfill our commitment to our Ambassador candidate and then we will bid you a fond adieu, it has been a pleasure serving the people of Princeton.

Dave Shalanski, president, and all the members of the Princeton Lions Club.