A $25

A $25

Princeton Arena nominated for Kraft and TSN refresh contest

A $25,000 prize is nothing to sneeze at. That is the prize up for grabs right now during the Kraft Celebration Tour Contest open to communities all across Canada. Entrants are asked to nominate their community for a $25,000 community refresh and a chance to become a broadcast centre location for TSN as they hit 10 communities in 10 days from August 20 to 29.

  • May. 17, 2011 5:00 a.m.

Kraft and TSN have teamed up to offer Canadian communities the chance to brag about their home – their spirit and passion for sports and their healthy and active lifestyle.  The contest opened on April 29, 2011 and nominations can be entered until June 10, 2011.  The Princeton Arena was nominated for Princeton by one industrious contest participant.  Associate Consumer Promotions Manager Lindsay Rogers said that “the contest has provided $500,000 to 20 communities so far since it first started.”

People curious about the contest are encouraged to go online to the Kraft Celebration Tour to check out the highlights from last year’s tour.  “Upgrades to sports fields and other community facilities that have happened as a result of the $25,000 community refresh can also be viewed on our website right now,” stated Rogers.

Although Princeton has been nominated for a community refresh to the Princeton Arena already that does not limit the town to only one nomination or one facility.  “Anyone can nominate their community,” said Rogers.  You can nominate your community for a different facility or the same one.  We judge each entry individually.”

Entries are judged on the strength of their submission and the effort put into them.  “You need to explain how your chosen facility/park/field would benefit from the community refresh money and show us your community spirit and hometown pride.  We want to feel your passion in your entry.”

Each entry is to include a photo and a 500 word essay.  “The whole process is really simple,” stated Rogers.  “We want a simple essay that celebrates your communities spirit.  We want you to demonstrate to us with words the importance of your chosen facility to your community.”

If a facility/community makes it through phase one of the contest, they move on to phase two.  “If your entry makes it into the top twenty,” said Rogers, “then your community entry will go head to head in a one day 24 hour voting battle against one other community’s entry.”  The top 20 entries will be revealed on July 1.

Rogers wants people to know that they should feel free to nominate any facility they want to as long as it is a community facility.  “We encourage everyone to participate,” added Rogers.  “It doesn’t matter how big or small your community is.  You all have an equal chance to make it to the tour.”

Last year, Wakefield, Quebec with a population of around 1000 made it into the tour itinerary as did Abrams Village on Prince Edward Island with a population of 266.  “So get your nominations in,” said Rogers, “the more the better…and good luck.”

To check out Princeton’s Arena nomination go to www.kraft celebrationtour.ca and click on 2011 entries for B.C..  At present, B.C. only has 11 entries.  You can also make comments on the nomination.