Princeton and district agree to continue cost-sharing recreation

Princeton and district agree to continue cost-sharing recreation

Contract to be renewed for five years

Princeton’s recreation facilities will continue to be funded in part by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, after council moved to renew a three-year-old agreement with that body during the last December council meeting.

Mayor Frank Armitage said the deal mirrors the original cost-share contract inked in 2014.

It commits the RDOS Area H to contributing 43 per cent of the total operating budgets of the arena, Riverside Centre, the outdoor pool, the fairgrounds and recreational programs.

In a report to council interim CAO Bob Wilson said: “this agreement does not cover any capital costs of any new recreation facilities.”

When asked by a member of the public how the agreement would be impacted by the proposed indoor aquatic center Mayor Frank Armitage replied that issue would be negotiated separately if Area H expresses an interest in the pool project.

The new agreement is for five years, and will renew automatically every three years after that unless one of the parties provides a year’s written notice that it wishes to renegotiate or terminate the deal.