Police want info on stolen TVs

Did you see someone crossing the river Sunday night?

Police want info on stolen TVs

Princeton police are on the trail of a wet-footed thief.

Sunday night someone broke into an apartment unit on Fenchurch Avenue, entering through an unlocked sliding glass door, and stole two flat screen televisions, according to RCMP Sergeant Barry Kennedy.

The suspect also left behind a pair of “ski doo boots that were completely soaked with water.”

In addition to the televisions, a pair of boots was stolen from the apartment.

“The suspect left those wet boots behind and stole a pair of boots from the victim,” said Kennedy.

“We suspect that the suspect had crossed the river prior to breaking into the house…If anybody has any knowledge of somebody wearing ski doo boots crossing the river we certainly would like to know about that.”

Police are also asking people to contact them if they are asked to purchase a 29” or 40” flat screen television.

Anyone with information can contact RCMP at 250-295-6911.