Police match footprints and tire marks to link crimes

Police match footprints and tire marks to link crimes

Report all suspicious behavior: Princeton RCMP

Police are comparing footprints and tire marks in the snow to link two break and enters that occurred last week.

At the same time, RCMP detachment commander Sergeant Barry Kennedy is reminding residents to call police if they witness suspicious behavior.

The first incident occurred Friday January 18.

A resident of the 3100 Block of Princeton Summerland Road phoned police to advise them of a curious set of circumstances.

“Two males came to the resident’s door and asked to use the phone as their vehicle was stuck off the road and they needed to call for someone to come pick them up. One of the males was carrying a portable radio and during the phone call a voice was heard over the radio saying ‘okay, I’m here, where are you guys?’”

The homeowner felt this was suspicious, so he went outside and followed the men’s tracks in the snow that led to a neighboring home.

He called police who discovered the seasonal residence had been broken into.

“We have contacted the owner who needs to come tell us what, if anything, is missing.”

Kennedy said police suspect the two men who used the phone were trying to contact an accomplice to the break in who had left the area and driven out of radio range.

The following evening a break in was reported to a garage in the 1500 Block area of Summers Creek Road.

Bolt cutters had been used to cut off a lock to the building which contained a wood supply.

“They left behind footwear impressions in the snow which were similar to the ones from the [break in] on Princeton Summerland Road. The distinct tread pattern left behind by the vehicle in the snow was also similar to the tread pattern…on Princeton Summerland Road.”

Kennedy said both break ins occurred at about 7:30 p.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP at 250-295-6911.

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