Penticton Indian Band returns to the polls

Penticton Indian Band returns to the polls

The PIB is going to a byelection to fill empty seats on band council

The Penticton Indian Band will be headed to the polls on Nov. 22, just a year after the band’s last election.

This election comes after a five council members — Jonathan Kruger, Tim Lezard, Naomi Gabriel, Denise Lecoy and Joseph Pierre — resigned earlier this year.

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IN a press release issued in advance of the polling day, the PIB Chief, council and administration affirm the responsibility to all band members in conducting an unbiased election.

The chief and council have not been involved in any way with the current election process, but are in support of a process that protects the members’ democratic right to vote without undue pressure or influence.

“It is important for all voting members to have the right to access the polling station, unimpeded, without duress. We have taken measures to ensure the protection of this non-bias, democratic process. We want to get a full governance table and begin the community mediation process so all membership has the chance to have their ideas and opinions considered,” said Cheif Chad Eneas.

The election, which is only open to voting members of the PIB, will be held at the community hall on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with the vote count taking place immediately after polls close

A press release will be issued on Thursday, Nov. 23 announcing the election results.

Steve Kidd
Senior reporter, Penticton Western News
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