Osoyoos’ Constable Ryan Fulcher agreed to surrender 10 days pay and leave after exposing himself in 2018. (File)

Osoyoos’ Constable Ryan Fulcher agreed to surrender 10 days pay and leave after exposing himself in 2018. (File)

Osoyoos Mountie who exposed himself in front of 2 teens forfeits 10-days leave and pay

The officer had charges against him dropped earlier in 2020

An Osoyoos RCMP officer who was being investigated for exposing himself in public was disciplined with forfeiting 10 days of leave and pay.

On Sept. 29, 2018, Const. Ryan Fulcher was standing naked in front of a large window at his home, where he allegedly was seen masturbating by two teenage girls walking nearby.

In his submission to the RCMP Conduct Board, Fulcher admitted that he was naked in front of his window, with the curtains open and the lights on, and that he saw the two teens about 100 feet from his window. However, he contested the accusations of masturbating.

“The member denies that he was fondling himself, but admits that it was possible that his hand briefly touched his penis,” reads the quoted section of his submission in the Jan. 21 decision.

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With Fulcher having admitted his actions in a Jan. 18, 2021 submission, RCMP Conduct Board Inspector Colin Miller found that Fulcher’s actions required punishment.

“I find that such activity would bring discredit to the RCMP and that his behaviour is sufficiently related to his duties and functions as to provide the force with a legitimate interest in disciplining him,” reads Miller’s decision on the allegations.

A joint submission from the conduct authority and subject member representatives in the conduct hearing proposed the forfeiture of 10 days’ leave and 10 days’ pay as consequences for Fulcher’s actions.

As part of that joint submission, the conduct authority had also stopped seeking Fulcher’s dismissal from the RCMP.

Aggravating factors that Miller considered included that two teenaged members of the public were involved in the situation, that Fulcher’s house was located in close proximity to a primary school, that the RCMP was called in to investigate and that his actions attracted the media’s attention.

Mitigating factors included in Fulcher’s admission which avoided the need for a contested hearing, Fulcher’s expression of remorse and lack of prior disciplinary record, his work and team history, that the actions were a result in part due to sleep deprivation, the steps Fulcher has taken to prevent a repeat offence and the lack of malicious intent.

Fulcher also proposed that his diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder be considered a mitigating factor and psychologist’s report be considered for mitigating factors, though Miller found that he could give them little weight in his decision.

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In December, Fulcher was suspended with pay and his duty status was being continuously assessed.

Fulcher had previously been posted to the Osoyoos Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit.

Separate criminal charges against Fulcher had been stayed by Crown Counsel on May 5, 2020.

The RCMP have been contacted for comment.

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