Notorious Hedley driver faces a new slew of charges

Notorious Hedley driver faces a new slew of charges

A Hedley man who last month was placed under probation conditions that amounted to house arrest faces a new slew of charges.

Lukas Veit was arrested after community members phoned police to report the man was out of his house and driving, according to RCMP Corporal Chad Parsons.

He was picked up and charged Sunday with four counts of failing to comply with probation conditions, driving while prohibited, and driving with a suspended license.

While he was held in custody, he appeared in Penticton court Monday and was released. He is to appear next in Princeton court, said Parsons.

Last month Judge Greg Koturbash had harsh words for Veit, after the man pleaded guilty to several counts of driving while prohibited and one charge of fleeing from a police officer.

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“You should be in jail.” said Koturbash. “You have an atrocious driving record, you have done nothing to deal with your alcoholism and you continue to drive.”

Koturbash placed Veit on probation for 18 months, stipulating a curfew that he cannot leave his residence except with the permission of his probation officer for three months — effectively placing him under house arrest.

“It’s either that or jail to protect the public at this stage. At least this way the police can properly monitor that you are in the house.”

Veit was also ordered to participate in a residential treatment program and fined $1,800.

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