No news is good news for nearby fires

No news is good news for nearby fires

Both the Diamond Creek fire and the one near Cawston are holding in size and pose no public risk.

The fires are still a burning, but there’s not much to report, BC Wildfire says.

Both the Diamond Creek fire and the fire near Cawston have not grown over the last week and pose no safety risks to the public.

Justine Hunse, BC Wildfire information officer, said a modified response has been issued for both fires.

“We don’t have any direct suppression activities on these fires at this time and it is likely both these fires will self extinguish because of a combination of factors precipitation, temperature and relative humidity,” she said.

The Diamond Creek fire, which originated in the U.S. and crossed the border at the end of August, is estimated to be 12,245 hectares in size.

The fire forced the closure of Cathedral Provincial Park because of safety concerns but has not damaged any structures that BC Wildfire knows about.

“The majority of the fire has received freezing temperatures and has received snow,” she said.

Hunse noted that there will be no more updates on the fire until a change of status meaning, it’s extinguished or has grown, will be provided.

“Really on this one we can just leave you with knowing… that we continue to monitor the Diamond Creek fire and we don’t anticipate any changes and it’s expected to self extinguish,” she said.

The fire burning near Cawston remains at about 100 hectares in size and smoke continues to be visible by the nearby community.

Previously, firefighters worked to put a guard in place so that the fire would be contained to a specific area. The idea is to burn off the current fire load.

“We continue to monitor and will respond if appropriate,” she said.