No new trial for man in Coalmont dispute

No new trial for man in Coalmont dispute

Briefs from Princeton court

A Surrey man central to an ongoing Coalmont dispute will not be tried again for uttering threats.

Karl Gatzky learned Thursday, while making a telephone appearance in Princeton court, that the charge has been stayed, and the crown will not precede with the case.

Gatzky was accused of threatening to shoot a Coalmont woman in April, 2014.

He was found guilty of that charge in October 2016, but the conviction was overturned by the BC Supreme Court late last year.

Gatzky is also charged with breaching probation – an allegation related to his original conviction and sentence – on July 25, 2017.

He was told by Judge Michelle Daneliuk that he must be prepared to enter a plea to that charge next month.

Gatzky insisted to the judge that he was cleared on all counts.

“That hasn’t even gone to trial yet so it couldn’t be overturned,” said Daneliuk.

A local man entered into a peace bond Thursday in Princeton court to dispose of charges of assault and breaching conditions.

Joseph Obey was arrested September 19, 2017 after police were called to a home on Corina Avenue.

The court heard that “two people appeared to be in a fight.”

According to the crown “Mr. Obey and her had been drinking and things got a little heated. In the course of the fight Mr. Obey knocked her off a mattress and started kicking her.”

The incident left no marks or bruises, he said.

Obey, 39, may not have contact with the victim of the assault if there are any intoxicants in his body or on his person, for 12 months.

He is also prohibited from possessing weapons during that time.

Court also heard that Obey has not consumed alcohol since the incident.

A cold beer by a Princeton park cost a local man $250 in court Thursday.

Donald Neumann pleaded guilty to breaching his probation which is conditional on his not possessing or consuming alcohol in public.

The offense occurred April 6, 2017.