The kids want to play Minor Hockey Executive makes a plea for help from the community for 2011/2012 season.

The kids want to play Minor Hockey Executive makes a plea for help from the community for 2011/2012 season.

No hockey next season?

Princeton has always been a hockey town. What if hockey disappeared? This is the question the remaining members of the Princeton and District Minor Hockey Executive are asking one another as the school year comes close to an end.

  • May. 17, 2011 11:00 a.m.

“We don’t have enough people on our executive right now to even continue with hockey,” stated a worried secretary Deanne Kary.  “If some more people don’t come forward, there will be no hockey next year and we mean quickly.”

The remaining members of the minor hockey executive who are still on the board are giving the community until May 30 to find qualified people to fill these vacant positions.  “No executive, no hockey” stated Kary.  “We cannot operate without an executive and that’s that.  If we don’t have these positions filled by the end of May hockey will not be happening for the 2011/2012 season.  September is way too late.  There are important decisions that need to be made now and we can’t make them.”

No president, no vice president, no head coach, no ice ambassador and no tournament director stepped forward at the AGM held in early April.  “The future of minor hockey is looking pretty dismal right now,” stated Kary.

Kary also wanted the community to know that the Princeton Junior Posse executive have given unanimous approval for Princeton and District Minor Hockey to become affiliated with the Posse.  The teams can take on the Junior Posse name and logo.  “There is good potential to really revive the sport locally,” said Kary.  “Outgoing Tournament Director Dierra Maynard has been working hard to find us sponsorship to make the switch-over,” announced Kary, “and none of us wants to see that go by the wayside.  Our old uniforms are…well old.  We can’t use the Flyers logo that is presently our name and we don’t have enough away and home team jerseys with matching numbers to continue on with the old jerseys either.  It is the right time to make this move.”

The question of whether or not to become affiliated with the Junior Posse was posed to the parents and players at the Minor Hockey AGM and was met with enthusiasm.   “The kids really look up to the Posse players and they have helped with many practices over the years.  It is always a highlight for the kids when the Posse step onto the ice to play against them on a fun day.”

Princeton has the opportunity to become the Minor Posse, but without an executive nothing can be done.  If there is no executive, there is no hockey.  If there is no hockey, there will be no Minor Posse teams.  As one past Minor Hockey Executive President stated, “I don’t have any kids in Minor Hockey anymore, but when I did, I participated.  Hockey is for your children to develop physically and mentally and for them to have some fun.  It is a great sport that needs active parents involved.  It is not a baby-sitting service.  Parents need to take responsibility.  The same people cannot be expected to sit on the executive year after year, nor is it right.  New people bring new ideas to the table.  Don’t let hockey disappear because you are to lazy to bother.”

Anyone interested in filling a position or who wants to put a name forth for nomination needs to contact Princeton and District Minor Hockey secretary Deanne Kary at 250-295-3075 immediately.