Members named to committee charged with finding solutions to Princeton trail conflict

Members named to committee charged with finding solutions to Princeton trail conflict

Sixteen residents were named to a committee Monday night and charged with finding a solution to the conflict surrounding use of the KVR trail through Princeton.

The striking of the KVR Mixed Trail Use Select Committee was one of the first acts of the new council, and was in response to controversy sparked by the previous administration’s off road vehicle ban on the 3 km length of trail through town.

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Mayor Spencer Coyne said the committee’s make up is diverse, with the group including residents who support motorized vehicles on the trail, and those who want the trail reserved for walkers and cyclists.

“If we want to find consensus then common ground has to be found,” he said.

The committee members are Ed Vermette and Jim Manion, from the Princeton ATV Club, Vic Bartel from Similkameen Riders, Kim Smith from ATV BC, Rob Miller from Osprey Snowheelers, Bruce Read from the Chamber of Commerce, Mary Masiel and Johanna Nott from the Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists, Larry Squire from Backcountry Horses, and Debbie Powell from the PXA Equine group. Timberline Cruisers will also name a member.

Linda Berg and Michael Stafford will represent residents of Burton Avenue while Patrica Vinthers and Garry Fraser will sit for residents of Similkameen Avenue.

Russell Pederson and Neal Dangerfield were selected as members at large.

The mayor and all members of council will sit on the committee, but will be non-voting members.

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Coyne said the committee will have its first meeting soon.

Meetings will be open to the public, and the committee’s terms of reference state that the body has one year to come up with recommendations.

They also direct the committee to address route, user safety like speed limits, noise and dust control, maintenance, ground cover, funding and policing.

Additionally the committee will draft a community survey of residents who live closest to the KVR.

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