Mayoral candidate Frank Armitage

Frank Armitage feels that his experience as a councillor has taught him a great deal.

Frank Armitage

Frank Armitage

Frank Armitage was raised in Princeton and his wife Darnella was born and raised here as well.

He has had 38 years of experience in the Human Resources side of the mining business and has enjoyed the Canadian experience living on both coasts during his career.

Armitage served as a councillor in Stewart B.C. for 6 years and on the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District for five years.

Since returning home, Armitage says he has enjoyed serving on town council and having the SVPS, Chamber of Commerce, Princeton Museum and the Fire Department  portfolois. “It has been very rewarding to see the achievements each group has enjoyed,” he said. “Princeton has a whole host of service clubs, activity sponsors, special event organizers—all who contribute so much to making our community the outstanding success that it is.”

Armitage feels fortunate to work with the Copper Mountain Mining team. He values his association with them and plans to continue on a reduced basis as required if he is elected.

He feels that his experience as a councillor has taught him a great deal about municipal processes, team building, meeting financial budgets and time frames—well qualifying him to serve as mayor.

“Undoubtedly, the biggest crisis I have seen our community face is the Princeton General Hospital 24/7 ER situation,” said Armitage. “I commend Jason Earle, Brad Hope and the entire Stakeholders group who are doing an excellent job trying to find resolutions,” he added. “If elected, I would support them without question.”

Armitage believes in parallel, that Princeton must move forward with its community, commercial and industrial development.

He believes that one of the key needs in attracting and retaining younger people to our community lies in identifying  what voids exist in the infrastructure and then setting a course of action to move ahead.

The needs of our seniors must be brought to the forefront, not only the 24/7 ER and hospital care, but transportation to and from treatments must be addressed. “While I have no magic answers, there is nothing to stop us from finding them,” he said.

All of this requires strong fiscal management from the mayor and council said Armitage, “I welcome the opportunity to work on behalf of all of our good citizens.”