LETTER: Mine worker likens union to “a determined bad date”

LETTER: Mine worker likens union to “a determined bad date”

To the editor

I saw the United Steel Workers at our gate again this morning.

Am I the only one who is getting tired of these guys constantly trying to shove their union down our throats – down the throats of Copper Mountain employees?

They’ve tried repeatedly to push this on us, to no avail.

Yet they keep coming back. Maybe they think: If we hound them enough they’ll just say ‘oh all right already’ and get themselves in.

But don’t you just hate that?

People have a belief or think how they want things done. Then they think everyone should do as they do.

What they feel is what we all should live by. They want to tell you how to think and how to live. They want to make decisions for you that affect your life.

They will make up all kinds of crap to get people to sway in their direction.

One person is speaking of copper prices, but this same person is also supposed to be some great investor and stock trader. Then you’d think he’d know, that once a stock gets to a nice price, you don’t promise anything. You have to let it float in that price range to make sure it’s going to stay in that area. The stock market is too volatile and it could get to that price, and then start to drop straight away.

This USW is like a determined bad date. They are persistent – I will give them that.

No. I don’t want another date. Go away. Hang with your brothers, and leave this brotherhood alone.

It would be nice if we could create some kind of petition to rid us of these guys that constantly hound the employees of Copper Mountain – these guys that constantly swarm fellow workers trying to sway their vote.

As it states in today’s USW hand out: “the bullying has to stop.” And the only bullying I see is by the USW. The USW says the company and employees treat them like crap because of their union beliefs. Well you should see how the USW supporters treat me.

It’s not bullying or the likes, but the attitudes. Everything these USW guys claim is really what they themselves are doing. They bully and harass, they twist words and make up stories, and they make all kinds of false claims. The latest is that we got a raise when the USW was trying to get in.

In fact, it’s against the law for that to happen. The company can make no promises while a union is aggressively pursuing.

Then they aggressively pursue when you have no desire whatsoever.

I can’t be the only one who is tired of this harassment.

Danni Louvros

Princeton BC