Koyotes wins provincial bronze

Koyotes wins provincial bronze

The local Koyotes girls fastball team fought hard against 18 other teams, this past weekend in Kelowna and brought home the bronze provincial medal.

The girls went undefeated in the first four games, battling tough coastal teams in 34 C sunshine with blisters, pulled muscles while trying to keep hydrated.

They won their first playoff game Saturday evening against Richmond Islanders, but lost Sunday morning to the Delta 99 team. This loss made them take the long way around to qualify for a medal. They played three more games on Sunday, beating Lakehill and Vancouver, but losing to Delta 00.

So, after playing 61 innings of base hits, home runs, slap bunts, stolen bases, a grand slam, chip shots, throwing players out at 2nd and diving to catch fly balls – these hometown girls powered through and brought home the bronze medal.

Thanks to all the local fans that made the trip up to Kelowna and who have supported this team financially for so many years.