(Photo - BCLC contributed)

(Photo - BCLC contributed)

Kelowna woman celebrates birthday with two million dollars

The B.C./49 draw Gilbert won was on April 6

How would you like to get your birthday started right by winning two million dollars? That dream became a reality for Kelowna resident Beverly (Christine) Gilbert.

Gilbert bought a BC/49 lottery ticket at the Capri Shopping Centre for the April 6 draw and was shocked to discover that she had all six matching numbers to win the grand prize.

She was on the phone with her youngest daughter when she scanned the ticket on her phone.

“I had to scan it a lot to make sure,” she said.

Gilbert has some plans on what to do with the money already, including upgrading a trip she already has scheduled.

“I had this trip planned with a friend and now it’s definitely going to get an upgrade!” Gilbert said. “I also will purchase a condo, pay off my car and do some investing.” She also said that the money will make retiring a lot easier.

Last year, British Columbians won more than $17 million from B.C./49 lottery tickets.

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