Jason Earle resigns from Princeton Council

Due to new employment responsibilities, Jason Earle has resigned his position of Councillor with the Town of Princeton.

After five years of service to the Town of Princeton

After five years of service to the Town of Princeton

On Monday, Feb. 3, during the regular meeting of Council of the Town of Princeton, a motion was received and carried to accept a letter of resignation from Councillor Jason Earle.

Mayor Armitage, announced that, “This is not a pleasure to do,” and read the letter aloud.

Dear Mayor and Council,

I have been a member of Town Council for five years and I have enjoyed serving the Townspeople,  as a Councillor and a brief term as Acting Mayor. The work has been challenging, yet very rewarding.  Some of the milestones and projects that I will remember the most are:

The re-instatement of 24/7 Emergency services at Princeton General Hospital; the creation of a framework for sustainable Health Care Service in Princeton; the Riverside Community Centre upgrades;  being awarded the Gold Medal for Gamestown 2010 and the completion of the Miners Climb rebuild.

However, due to changes in my employment, I find myself now working out of town on a regular basis. Recently I have relied on the help of my fellow Councillors, staff and the chairs of my respective committees, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of Town Council.

It has become increasingly difficult to balance these responsibilities and work obligations and I am feeling I can no longer effectively fulfill the commitment I have made to the people of Princeton. So, I regret that I must, in the best interest of all concerned, resign my position as a Councillor.

I would like to thank Mayor Armitage, Councillor Harkness, Councillor Maynard, Councillor Pateman and all of our competent staff for their understanding and support during this time.

I would especially like to thank all of my friends and supporters who have made my experience as Councillor as successful as I believe it has been.

Lastly, on behalf of myself, April , Dallas and Destiny we would like to wish the Town of Princeton all the best and continued success in the future.

Thank you,

Jason Earle

Mayor Armitage and Councillor Harkness, both who had served the full five year term with Earle, spoke highly of him.

“I will miss him,” said Councillor Harkness. She went on to describe how in the very beginning Earle couldn’t wait for them to get started.  “He thought we were going to have lot’s of arguments and was quite dissapointed that we didn’t,” she said with amusement.

She added, “Councillor Earle showed his true colours when he had to step in as Acting Mayor. He did a great job and I wish him all the best.”

Mayor Armitage noted that he, Councillor Harkness and Councillor Earle had been ‘greenhorns’ together, adding “did we ever get a baptism.”

“I never saw Councillor Earle do anything in halves—he did a great job,” said Mayor Armitage. “He was one of the drivers of the 24/7 effort—his love of community, the desires and wants of the community caused him to test the issues, to test council.”

The Mayor ended by saying, “ Thank God, we were blessed to have him for the time we did.”