Premier Christy Clark and the honourable Steven Point flank Copper Mountain Mine CEO and president Jim O’Rourke at the order of B.C. investiture ceremony.

Premier Christy Clark and the honourable Steven Point flank Copper Mountain Mine CEO and president Jim O’Rourke at the order of B.C. investiture ceremony.

Hospital staff commended

"I really feel the need to commend the staff and nurses for their efforts," stated Councillor Frank Armitage

  • Nov. 1, 2011 5:00 a.m.

The court house refurbish was just one the projects on the agenda Monday, Oct. 17.  Town council had a two contracts to award from bids received and several other legalities to discuss.  The second contract awarded out was for the landfill weigh scale project.

First, on the agenda was a request by Willis & Jacobs Developments Ltd for a variance for the the property located at 105 Copperhead Road.  The developer of The Yard needed a setback for the side yard of one modular home to be four feet rather than 8 feet as specified in the OCP (official community plan) amendment.  The neighbouring homes were notified of the intent and council noted “We have not received any written correspondence at the time of writing this report.”  A development variance permit was approved.

A Landfill Weigh Scale project has been open for tender for the Princeton and District Sanitary Landfill.  The contract was awarded to Western Scale Co. Limited for an above ground scale and accompanying instrumentation in the amount of $27,245.50.  Once installed, the scale will be used to simplify landfill usage.  Trucks will be weighed before they dump their garbage and after they dump.  “The introduction of a weigh scale at the  Princeton & District Sanitary Landfill will allow the compilation of data for incoming tonnage into the landfill.  This information, along with regular topographical surveys, will be very valuable in determining the filling rate, compaction and waste to cover ratio and for assessing the lifespan of the various phases and the diversion rates for recycling,” stated the background information on the proposal.

Renshaw Contracting Led. was awarded the contract for the exterior refurbish of the courthouse building located at 151 Vermilion Avenue in the amount of $13,851.  The exterior work entails refurbishment of the front portico, flashing, windows and woodwork.  “I will be happy to see the courthouse repairs done,” stated Mayor Randy McLean.  “This project was a lot more involved than we first expected.”

The Grants in Aid policy awarded to non-profit organization and agencies that provide programs and services that serve, benefit of add value to the community was also under review.  Amendments were made to the policy surrounding guidelines and the process.  Grants in Aid are monies allocated annually up to a maximum sum of $10,000 per individual application request.  The deadline for all grant requests is January 31, 2012.  All applications are reviewed by April 1, 2012 by town council in conjunction with the Town of Princeton budget process.

Councillor Jason Earle referred to the amended agenda with regard tot he aquatic centre referendum results.  “I would like to voice my displeasure at the lack of eligible voters who actually voted.  I was disappointed by the complacency of the voters on this issue.”  Earle attended the PXA volunteer appreciation dinner along with Mayor McLean and said, “This year had a lot of great activities happen.  I’m looking forward to the next year.”

The Legion Youth Night also received mention from Earle.  “The youth night has started up again.  It is on Tuesdays starting at 7 p.m. and is another activity our community volunteers put on for our youth.”

Councillor Marilyn Harkness attended a meeting regarding local health care.  Mention was made about advertising that Dr. Eva is still accepting new patients.  Harkness discussed the challenge of getting locums for Princeton Hospital.  “Princeton is listed as a priority for Interior Health,” stated Harkness.  “Some ads are going out for Princeton.  The ads were very general and we wanted them made more specific.  We also met with the recruitment people face to face and are hopeful that the some positive progress will be made.  The Provincial locum program is also under review and we are hopeful that some changes to that will buy us some flexibility that will help with recruitment.”

Councillor Frank Armitage praised the hospital staff on behalf of his family.  “My wife Darnella and I just spent some time at the hospital and I really feel the need to commend the staff and nurses for their efforts.  I don’t think we say thank you to them enough and we need to do more of that.  We must get creative in recruiting doctors.  The only thing that matters is results.”

Armitage also commended the curb enhancement contractor.  “We have been getting nothing, but praise on his behalf.  They are doing a great job.”

The public was invited to attend a Posse game by Armitage.  “We have some of the best Junior hockey around.  It is very competitive and good entertainment.”

The Princeton Museum is going to be open all year round this year and Armitage said.  “They are looking for volunteers to do two hour stints.”

Mayor McLean stated that the volunteer dinner he attended with Earle was really fun.  “It is important that we keep saying thank-you to our volunteers.  I try to imagine what it would be like without them and I can’t.  It behooves us to thank them whenever we can.”

McLean further expounded on the health care concerns for Princeton.  “We are not just a recruitment committee.  We are also a retention committee.  We need to keep our health care professionals we have here.”

The Order of B.C. ceremony was attended by Mayor McLean.  “What a prestigious event,” stated McLean.  “It was amazing how our Copper Mountain Mine CEO Jim O’Rourke was honoured along with all the others.  I was very very pleased to be asked to attend.”

The paving of Similkameen Avenue was praised.  “It looks wonderful,” stated McLean.

Lastly, council was asked to clarify the Princeton Air Show financials.  Costs were approved in the amount of $19,000.  The number of attendees was down due to inclement weather.  Attendance was down 400 people from 2200 to 1800.