Hedley man uttered threats after being target of gunshots

A Hedley man pleaded guilty Thursday in Princeton court to uttering death threats.

Crown Attorney Andrew Vandersluys acknowledged there were mitigating factors in the case.

“He [the victim] had shot at him the previous night…It’s an unusual situation.”

Lukas Veit was given a conditional discharge and placed on probation for 12 months. A related charge of uttering threats to burn, destroy or damage was stayed.

Court heard that on September 4, 2017, Veit – who was celebrating his birthday – and a companion confronted a Hedley couple at their residence and threatened the pair after the man admitted to having shot at their car with a BB gun.

According to Vandersluys Veit said: “You’re going to be sorry. We’re going to kill you.”

In his statement to the court, Veit claimed the man had shot at his car with a shotgun, damaging the vehicle.

The man with Veit, Shane Allison, pleaded guilty to uttering threats earlier this year in court in Penticton.

In setting the conditions for probation Judge Gregory Koturbash required Veit to attend residential treatment for an alcohol addiction, should it be recommended by the probation officer.

“Emphasize with them how much and how badly you want treatment,” said Kortubash.

Veit also pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge of driving while prohibited and that matter is to be set for trial.