FortisBC shows residents how to save energy and get cash

Money; spend some, get some and save lot’s in the long run. Fortis showed residents how during an open house information session.

Philip Hawkes

Philip Hawkes

Locals were shown how to get a payback on their investments during the open house information session provided by FortisBC PowerSense division held at the Legion in October.

Phillip Hawkes, CEM, Energy Efficiency Advisor for Fortis BC welcomed the residents in attendance and introduced guests who brought forth information on opportunities for energy rebates and products and services available to consumers to assist in making their homes more energy efficient.

Rebates through FortisBC electricity and gas, the Livesmart program,( Eco-energy grants and CMHC can make the process towards energy efficiency less expensive for home owners and home builders.

Energywise Solutions is a company that assists homeowners by providing energy assessment services, energy assessment reports, recommendations of what to do to become more energy efficient, educating the homeowner on grants available and providing the followup evaluation.

“There’s never been a better time to do upgrades,” said Murray Klingbeil of Energywise Solutions. Provincial and federal rebates are available as well as the rebates through FortisBC.

Cost for the energy evaluation is $150 to $175, $185 for the post-retrofit assessment (after upgrades are completed) and mileage charges may apply. To find out how to qualify for rebates visit or call 1-778-484-5002.

Upgrading or installation incentives include; insulation, windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, mini split heat pumps, ventilation systems and appliances – just to name a few.

Jim Damberger of Canadian Aerothermal from Penticton, BC, explained the process of heat pumps and the financial benefits of owning one. Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home. When it is warm outside, heat is extracted for the outdoors to cool your home, and when it is cold outside the opposite action takes place to warm your home. Damberger gave personal testimony to the fact that his own personal heating and cooling costs were dramatically reduced from approximately $3000 per year to less than $500 per year. He also noted that comfort is felt throughout the entire home and that these systems are, “nice and quiet.” Visit for more information or call toll free: 1-877-663-8287.

Rachel Allenbrand, who “always wanted to grow up to be an insulator” – is part of a team including herself and husband Joshua.  She explained that insulating your exterior walls, crawlspaces, basements etcetera, can not only save you money on your energy bills, but can entitle you to many rebates as well. “The government is doing something amazing, there are huge rebates available—it’s very exciting.” The Allenbrands have completed a number of projects in Princeton already. They can be reached at 1-250-462-0469 or visit

Howard and Eleanor Van Luven (HVL Supplies Ltd.) of Keremeos, BC, were also present to introduce residents to Fujitsu Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps. These are Energy Star® qualified products. (Help you save money and adhere to energy efficiency guidelines.)  Call 1-250-499-5982.

Find out how to apply for rebates of $50 to $5000 and for the latest information on energy savings tips and rebates by