FortisBC announces new rate structure

FortisBC residential customers will soon have a two-level rate structure that will reward low electricity use, while penalizing higher use.

FortisBC residential electricity customers will have a new rate structure as of July 1, 2012 to “encourage customers to conserve electricity.”

The new two-level rate structure has a lower rate for the first amount of electricity used, and a higher rate that exceeds the level one threshold.

“FortisBC was requested by the BC Utilities Commission to file a residential inclining block rate application last March,” said FortisBC spokesman Tom Loski in a release.

“This is because a residential inclining block rate is designed to encourage reduced electricity use.”

Under the utility company’s residential inclining block rate, the first 1,600 kWh of electricity in a billing period will be charged at a lower rate than the current flat rate. Electricity used above the threshold will be charged a higher rate.

The average customer uses around 2,100 kWh every two months, and should see no significant changes to their monthly bill, the company said.

Rates for commercial, wholesale, lighting and irrigation customers will remain the same.