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Fix the Zigzag please

Since June 3, 2010, residents have been without their beloved Zigzag walkway that takes people from the Second Bench into the downtown core in a matter of minutes. It is a well used public trail that has been out of commission since a runaway truck rolled down the walkway and completely wiped out the wooden safety rails and most of the posts. "It has been really frustrating," said local Christina Scarsbrick. "People have been waiting a really long time for the Zigzag to be repaired and there is still absolutely nothing being done."

  • Mar. 29, 2011 8:00 p.m.

A fence now blocks each end of the walkway, but people are still using the precarious path.  “Who’s fault is it if someone falls and gets hurt? asked resident Jon Bartlett at Town Council last Monday night.  “ICBCs…the towns…the individuals?”  While signs state “Do Not Enter,” residents have been using the pathway in spite of that.  “It is the only quick way down,” Scarisbrick stated “and people are getting fed up waiting for it to get fixed.  Some of my friends used to go up and down it every day and because they are elderly can’t anymore.  Someone needs to get on this and get it repaired.”

The Zigzag repairs have been added into the budget for 2011 in the amount of $70,000, but until the Town of Princeton and ICBC reach a settlement agreement no work can begin.  Mayor McLean said the town is hopeful that they will be able to upgrade the Zigzag to a level beyond what it was before and that the town is contemplating a roofing structure over the walkway or some stairs rather than the dirt pathway.  “We have town crew clearing snow off of the pathway every time it snows and that labour cost adds up over the course of a winter.  The possibility of a covered walkway is appealing because of that.”

Chief Administrative Officer Patrick Robins is in negotiations with ICBC at present and hopes a settlement agreement will be reached soon.  “We were without the Zigzag all last summer and by April 3 we will be 10 months waiting for the repairs.  I think the residents have been more than patient.  It is time for some action, Scarisbrick stated.”

Tamara Sill another resident who lives at the top of the Zigzag walkway said her family has been extremely frustrated by the delays.  “It’s about time something was done,” said Tamara.  Husband Kevin agreed.  “People have been walking up and down the one way road rather than using the path and its dangerous, especially for those of us with small children.  The switch back area is an especially dangerous spot.  My biggest fear is that someone will get hit along there.”

The Sill family has a perfect view of the dangerous walkway and said that even though the town has blocked it off, the temporary fencing blockade is not working.  “Shortly, after the fencing was put up,” said Kevin, “kids were going through it and so have a lot of adults.”

Sill hopes that the new improved zigzag will soon be back in action and have a reinforced barrier at the top.  “It needs more concrete barriers at the top,” said Sill.  “My family was just moments away from descending the walkway the day the truck went down there.  It could have turned out a lot worse than what it was.  A lot of people use it every single day broken and before when it was still in good shape.  We want it back.  Blocking it off isn’t working.”

Town Council has been waiting patiently for the the insurance company to settle the claim with them.  “We will be repairing the Zigzag and realize that the damage has caused inconvenience to residents,” stated Mayor McLean.  “We have been waiting to know how much money we will be getting from the insurance company, so we can decide how best to fix it with the funds available to us.”

A spokesperson from ICBC stated, “We are committed to working with the City in the completion of these repairs for the benefit of local residents. City council has the authority to review and approve the repairs.”

Settlement aside residents want action.