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Five warrants issued for the arrest of defendants who failed to appear in court

Charges range from impaired driving causing bodily harm to assault with a weapon

Five warrants were issued in Princeton circuit court Thursday, Sept. 8, for defendants who failed to appear.

Alyssa Doucet is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and two charges of impaired operation causing bodily harm, for events that allegedly took place in Princeton.

Doucet was to make her first appearance last week, however, the court clerk indicated that a summons could not be successfully served.

“In the circumstances Crown is going to seek a public interest warrant, unendorsed, to ensure that this matter stays on track,” said Crown counsel Andrew Vandersluys.

“We are dealing with relatively serious charges.”

An unendorsed warrant means that police are able to arrest an individual and hold that person for court. When an endorsed warrant is issued, police can arrest and then release the defendant.

An endorsed warrant was issued for Heather Henderson, who was also to make a first appearance. She is charged with uttering threats and breach of an undertaking. A warrant was also issued for Joel Kramer, Henderson’s co-accused, charged with uttering threats.

Mark Lenny did not attend his first court appearance and an endorsed warrant was ordered. He is charged with two counts of assault.

Kyle Vesper was scheduled for an arraignment hearing, where decisions are typically made about pleas, or how and in which court an offense will be tried.

Vesper is charged with assault, assault with a weapon, mischief under $5,000 and being in a dwelling house without lawful excuse.

Vandersluys noted that, given the nature of the charges, an endorsed warrant might be in order.

However, because Vesper was recognized in the building earlier in the day, the Crown sought an unendorsed warrant.

“He did not make his appearance officially known.”