Trent Robinson

Trent Robinson

Feed the kids

The Princeton Crisis Assistance is at it again. This time their mission is specifically targeting school aged children.

  • Nov. 15, 2011 5:00 a.m.

The Princeton Crisis Assistance is at it again.  This time their mission is specifically targeting school aged children.  Allan Kovaltsenko visited all three Princeton schools with a meaningful present that for some kids will mean the difference between learning on an empty stomach and learning on a full stomach.

Kovaltsenko joined forces with Valley First Credit Union and their “Feed the Valley” program to hand over cheques to John Allison Elementary, Vermilion Forks School and Princeton Secondary School.  Feed the Valley is a program set up to collect donations of cash and food items to help feed those who are struggling in these economic fragile times.  Kovaltsenko hand-delivered three cheques for over a thousand dollars each to the school principals to help ensure that students are not going hungry at school.  “We are making sure our kids are eating in school.   No kid should be trying to learn on an empty stomach.”

The Princeton Crisis Society calls their new program appropriately, “Feed the Kids.”

“We are going to keep expanding and keep finding ways to make a difference in Princeton,” Kovaltsenko continued.  “I don’t think everybody is aware that there are kids coming to school with no lunch and sometimes no breakfast either.  We have the power to do something about it and we did.”

Kovaltsenko’s wife, Cheryl, added, “These kids need our help now, but maybe one day our helping them and showing them we care will be remembered and they will do something for someone else.  It’s about helping each other.  These kids who are struggling need to know there are people who care and want to help.”