Drivers on Coalmont Road warned to watch for falling rocks

Ministry recommends staying in your vehicle if you come across a slide

Drive BC is continuing to warn travelers to watch for falling rocks on Coamont Road, between Coalmont and Tulameen.

The road was closed Tuesday, Jan. 17 just before noon, after a rockslide made the area impassable, and the slide was cleared later in the afternoon.

The incident required the involvement of the Nicola-Similkameen School District, as a plan had to be implemented to find an alternative route home for students living in Coalmont and Tulameen.

The road was closed for several hours between Parish Avenue and Charles Road, for 1.4 km, 10 km north of Princeton.

“I’m relieved no one was hurt,” said Trustee Leah Ward.”

According to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure rock and landslide are more common in the spring, when changing temperatures and increased rainfall destabilize slopes above roadways.

The ministry suggests if a driver comes across a rock fall he or she should remain in the vehicle and use a mobile photo to report the problem.

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