Doug Pateman candidate for councillor

Doug Pateman believes in Princeton's potential and has decided to run for the position of councillor in the upcoming by-election.

Doug Pateman

Doug Pateman

Doug Pateman was raised in Princeton and received not only his school education, but his life education here. Pateman grew up during the time when fishing, camping, hiking, rock climbing and dirt biking were the activities chosen for recreation and fun.

Life education for Pateman developed through his experiences with various forms of  employment and volunteering which was followed by marriage and four children. Pateman served as a volunteer firefighter, is currently the president of the Princeton Highway Extrication Society and is on the wait-list to be trained for mine rescue.

Pateman is employed as an auto mechanic at the Copper Mountain Mine.

Pateman believes in Princeton’s potential. “I don’t want us to become a metropolis,” he said, but I do want to see Princeton progress and achieve.”

He believes that Princeton has much to offer within our recreational resources, “It’s here he said, it’s time to let the secret out.”

Pateman wants the downsizing of the community come to an end. As well as the current issues within the community, for example; the emergency room problems— “We need to address all the reasons why families that work here don’t want to move here,” he said.

Pateman believes that he would be a good choice for council because he has passion for Princeton, is dedicated to serving his community and has compassion for its people.

Pateman’s campaign initially started with a social network conversation between a group of his peers. He recieved a great deal of support and eventually led into his taking out the paperwork to actually begin the campaign.

‘This has been a great community service experience,” said Pateman, “it’s been a learning curve.” I have great supporters and I have a willingness to learn.

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