Noki was kicked and then trampled. (Contributed)

Noki was kicked and then trampled. (Contributed)

Deer attacks two small dogs in their Princeton backyard

‘I don’t know if you’ve heard a dog scream, but it’s horrible’

A Princeton woman is giving thanks her two dogs are safe after they were attacked by an aggressive deer in their own backyard.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard a dog scream, but it’s horrible,” said Carolyn Schmidt.

A long-time Princeton resident, Schmidt is accustomed to watching for deer, especially when her dogs are nearby.

She let Loki, a four pound Chihuahua, and Zora, a Miniature Pincher mix, outside on Sunday, Oct. 24.

When she heard the dogs barking she opened the door and saw a doe and fawn on the adjacent lot.

“All of a sudden the doe jumped my fence, pawed the ground and then took off after the dogs.”

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The doe kicked Loki and Zora intervened, “trying to defend her brother.”

Schmidt grabbed the closest weapon – a straw broom.

“Zora started to attack (the doe) and then she chased Zora, knocking over a few lawn chairs and then started stomping on her.”

The dog was somewhat protected by the chairs and then “Loki got under (the doe’s) feet.”

The deer then went after Schmidt, who was making loud noises and waving the broom in an attempt to scare off the animal.

“She lunged at me and that’s when I threw the broom.”

Schmidt said she feared the pups were seriously and possible fatally hurt.

However. they escaped the encounter with some cuts, and minor injuries that caused them to limp.

“It was so scary and they were both so lucky.”

The incident was reported to a conservation officer.

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