Council agenda a busy one

From parades to serious business, Town Council has had a full agenda over the past two weeks

  • Jun. 29, 2011 9:00 a.m.

One of the most serious items Councillor Marilyn Harkness had to contend with was the ongoing physician situation in Princeton.  She recently attended the Rural Emergency Continuum of Care Conference in Kelowna in hopes of making some contact with doctors.  “I talked to other communities,” stated Harkness, “about how they are dealing with their shortages and about physician recruitment.  Interior Health doesn’t have a recruitment office and they need one.  We need the health authority to help us with recruitment for rural communities.”

“We need to convey the message to Interior Health,” added Mayor Randy McLean, “that we need to work together and we need them to help.  I don’t think anything is more on people’s minds than physician and hospital needs.”

“Like us, the Oliver Hospital is struggling to keep their emergency room open too,” Harkness continued.  “Rural B.C. has aging physicians still working who don’t want to do the late night calls any more.  We really need to find a way to alleviate this issue soon.”

Councillor Ray Jarvis attended the council meeting again and is definitely on the mend from his leg surgery.  “I met with Community Services,” stated Jarvis.  “I am hoping they will help me find a way to pay down some of the many medical expenses I have incurred over the last while.  They amount to over $3000 dollars.”

Director Lyle Thomas was busy preparing for the public meeting for the Aquatic Centre.

Councillor Frank Armitage sent out an invitation to the public to attend the official opening of the museum in July 1, Canada Day.  “You have to see our museum upgrades to believe,” Armitage exclaimed.  “It is a great great thing to be seen and it just goes to show that even on a limited budget, where there is a will there is a way.”

Armitage also attended the recognition night for all the participants in the CHOICES program held in Princeton through Princeton Secondary School in conjunction with the RCMP.  “It was a really rewarding evening,” Armitage said.  “The community really pulled together to offer a top-notch program to our youth.”

The Dinner on the Bridge of Dreams was another event on Armitage’s agenda.  “That dinner was an all world dinner,” stated Armitage.  “The whole evening was really fantastic and those children from the Highland Dance club that did the serving really need to be recognized for their efforts.  What a great bunch they were.  They should really be proud of the way they conducted themselves.”

Mayor McLean also attended the Dinner on the Bridge.  “I kept an eye on the roasting lamb for a while in the afternoon,” said McLean.  “The whole evening was special – the harp, the kids, everything.  To be able to sit there and see the trail light up was really something.  I really see this as being an annual event.  I also want to thank Councillor Earle for the great job he did of keeping everybody informed as the evening progressed.”

Mayor McLean attended the Veteran’s Day ceremony and said,” the K Sisters were wonderful.  They have incredible voices.  Everybody really enjoyed their performance.”

McLean announced a new project the town is taking on in conjunction with Fortis.  “You can go to the library and check out a meter that will read the amp usage of your appliances,” stated McLean.  It registers the draw of each appliance.  It will be set up soon.”

Regional Director Brad Hope attended a session of the Similkameen Valley Planning Council.  “We talked about the studies underway on the feasibility of a dam on the Similkameen River,” said McLean.  Studies will soon begin on the environmental impact the dam would have and also examine the potential of a recreational lake.”

Councillor Jason Earle announced the retractible clothes line give-away on June 23.  “I urge people to get one.  They are great.”

Earle spoke about the upcoming Racing Days weekend and the need for volunteers.  “Please help out if you can.”

On June 29, the Princeton Secondary School’s textile class will be holding a fashion show to raise funds for the Slave Lake fire victims.  “I urge people to attend,” stated Earle.  “The money is going to a really good cause.”

A new program at The Hut also had Earle’s attention.  “Bill from The Hut and Lou from the Source are trying to get an electronic recycling program going.”

Earle concluded his session on a sad note, announcing the passing of Susan Herzog.  “Susan had done a lot for the community and for the arts,” stated Earle.  “We lost another good person.”

Both Earle and McLean touched on the passing of Peter Ruoss.  “Peter contributed to it seems like everything,” said McLean.  If we could fashion a volunteer after someone, it would be Peter.  He contributed a lot to our community over the years and will not be forgotten for that.”