It’s not the end

It’s not the end

Congratulations to the class of ‘lucky 2013’

For the first time in about 15 years the entire grade 12 class at Princeton Secondary School is successful in achieving their diplomas.

Students, families, friends and dignitaries were welcomed by Sandee Blair, principal of Princeton Secondary School (PSS) during graduation ceremonies held at PSS on Saturday, June 22.

“Remember this moment, this is how it feels to achieve your goals,” said MLA Jackie Tegart while extending her congratulations to this years graduates.

Mayor Frank Armitage gave his congratulations, adding that “we are extremely proud of you.” He also shared a company slogan from his earlier days of mining that stayed with him throughout the years — “learn for life.”

Greetings from School District #58 were extended by Trustee Dave Rainer and Superintendent, Dr. Robert Peacock who was joined by Assistant Superintendant Steve McNiven and hand drummer Hank Vesage in performing a welcoming song and the “Heart Beat” song. Mr. Vesage explained that the Heart Beat song was a prayer for a “long, safe journey and for the heart to keep beating.”

Guest speakers Liz Knibbecke and Scott Musgrove shared their adoration for this class and encouraged them to, “take their values with them.”— “Respect, honesty, fairness, kindness and loyalty.”

A slide show prepared by graduates Morgan Dobbs and Colton Callihoo was presented featuring baby to child to teen year photos of the class, causing quite a few giggles and tears throughout the gymnasium. Drayden Larsen was chosen as Valedictorian by his classmates and spoke about how great it was to graduate in Princeton. He spoke from experience as he spent a few years away in larger centres—and was happy to return to home and friends.

Along with the presentation of bursaries and scholarships a special success was shared in regards to the Class of 2013.

For the first time in about 15 years the entire grade 12 class at Princeton Secondary School is successful in achieving their diplomas. Approximately 75 percent of this class also participated in “Dry Grad” celebrations.

Community members, businesses and organizations were most generous with their bursary and scholarship awards;

2013 Awards

$500-Ambassadors (in memory of Katie Norman & Michelle Webster) – Megan Pateman.

$500 A.R. Meston – Ally Myers.

$1000.00 Council of Forest Industries Convention Legacy Scholarship –  Kirsten Haayer.

(2) $250.00- CUPE 847 – Ciara Bamford

Canadian Merit scholarship foundation (honor Citation) – Ally Myers

Capilano University Athletic scholarship (providing tuition) – Ciara Bamford

(10) $1000- Dogwood District Authority Awards – Kirsten Haayer, Ally Myers, Kendra Leiding , Ciara Bamford, Angie Marhall, Drayden Larsen, Julia Reichert, Marshall Brown, Colby William, Clayton Jung

$1000.00Dot Raine Memorial Bursary – Sam Kastor

Earle Family Bursary-sponsored by April & Jason Earle – Ally Myers

$250 Family Fair Bursaries – Adam Ali, Kristen Ashley, Ciara Bamford, Jason Borkent, Colton Callihoo, Zack Davis, Melissa Dennis, Myles Dodd, Orion Driver, Taylor Gibb, Kirsten Haayer, Eric Hardin, Nathan Howarth, Clayton Jung, Randee Kassa, Sam Kastor, Drayden Larsen, Kendra Leiding, Angie Marshall, Keisha Miller, Brianna Musgrove, Ally Myers, Derek Northway, Clayton O’Bee, Rhett Ortwein, Megan Pateman, Richard Shuman-Pateman, Page Powers, Julia Reichert,  Austin Thibert and Michael White.

(2) $1000 George Pearkes Royal Canadian Legion Branch #56 – Angie Marshall and Ciara Bamford

(2) $350 George Pearkes Royal Canadian Legion Branch #56 ladies auxiliary –  Kirsten Haayer and Ally Myers

$500- Grad Legacy – Megan Pateman

$200 Harrison & Co. Law – Ciara Bamford

$100- Jennifer Shaun Cusworth Memorial Bursary – Austin Thibert

$500 Jim Hebden Science Bursary – Ally Myers

(2) $500 John Haayer Senior Memorial and the Lions Club – Marshall Brown and Breanna Musgrove

$500 Michelle Webster Memorial Scholarship – Angie Marshall

$4500 Mount Allison University Entrance scholarship – Ally Myers

$750 Nicola Similkameen Principals and Vice principals scholarship – Angie Marshall

$2000 Princeton District Teachers Union – Kirsten Haayer

(2) $250 Princeton Garden Club – Clayton Jung and Ally Myers

(2) $1000 Princeton Hospital Auxiliary – Drayden Larsen and Keisha Miller

$500.00- Princeton Minor Hockey –  Colby Williams

Princeton Rotary Bursaries:

$1000- Bud De Wolfe Memorial – Kendra Leiding,

$1000 Paul Block Memorial – Marshall Brown, $1000- Bill Huysoon Memorial – Ally Myers

$100 Princeton Writers Club – Kendra Leiding

$500 Rebecca Folick Memorial Scholarship – Breanna Musgrove

$500 Senior Citizens Branch # 30 Bursary – Ally Myers

$250 South Okanagan Similkameen  Athletic Association – Ciara Bamford and Angie Marshall

$500 Trehearne Family Bursary – Kendra Leiding

University of British Columbia-Okanagan- (renewable tuition) (athletic scholarship) – Julia Reichert

(2) $300.00 Vermillion Forks Field Naturalists – Kirsten Haayer and Ally Myers