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Computer expert not taken in by fake message from ‘Town of Princeton’

‘Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to send the local computer tech a scam email?’

Princeton’s go-to-guy for computer and technical help has some advice for would-be scammers.

“Don’t try to scam the computer guy.”

Alan Parsons, who owns Carl Farbman Computers, received a questionable email last week pretending to be sent by the Town of Princeton.

He was directed to click on a HTML file.

“For a couple of seconds I stopped and gave it some legitimacy, and then I knew it was wrong,” said Parsons.

One indicator was that the email address for the town was incorrect.

Opening that kind of file can expose a user to having his or her personal information and contact lists hijacked, he explained.

“If they get a hold of your contact list, in your name they can email all your contacts and start scamming them.”

Parsons contacted the municipality, and it was confirmed the email did not come from the town.

In addition to being a scheme, it was poorly executed, he added.

The email did not have the municipality’s logo or supporting contact information.

“That’s just lazy,” he said.

Parsons said the scammer must have gotten his email address from the town’s website, under the business directory section.

He encourages everyone to be vigilant online, verify email addresses and information and watch for signs of a scam.

“Just assume everyone is trying to scam you, always,” he said.

“Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to send the local computer tech a scam email?”

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