Competitive Christmas decorating takes sarcastic turn in Princeton

Competitive Christmas decorating takes sarcastic turn in Princeton

It’s not uncommon for neighbours to find themselves in good-natured competion when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

That can tax the imagination and the pocketbook, but can result in stunning streetscapes.

Heather King of Princeton took a creative and stress-free approach to her display this year: She decided to ride on her neighbour’s coattails.

“I knew I didn’t stand a chance against them,” she said of friends Mark and Alicia Mouland. “So I fought back the only way I know how, with sarcasm.”

King watched the Moulands light up trees, place candy canes, Santa and a snowman, and even decorate the chimney. Meanwhile, she quietly strung lights on the front of her home spelling out the word “DITTO” with an arrow pointing towards the house next door.

“It started out as a bit of a joke and then as more decorations were added, it was just too good not to make it happen,” she said.

“[It was] minimal effort and laughs for the whole neighbourhood. Theirs took about a weekend. Mine [took] an hour.”

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